Target Industry / Sectors

FTRL targets fire protection equipment manufacturers & suppliers and focuses on fire safety sector. It helps manufacturers of fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment’s in developing & manufacturing of quality / standardized products. By drawing relevant & correct specifications, the laboratory also helps bulk purchasers & users of fire safety appliances.


FTRL provides services related to the below mentioned Standards under CHEMICAL and MECHANICAL SCOPE

Under Chemical Scope

IS: 4989; 2006

Foam Concentrates for producing mechanical foam for Fire Fighting viz. AFFF, Protein Foam, Film Forming Fluoro Protein Foam & Synthetic Foam

IS: 4989: Part-4: 2003

Multipurpose Aqueous Film Forming Foam Liquid Concentrates for Extinguishing Hydrocarbon & Polar Solvent Fires

UL- 162; 1999

Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), Protein (p), Film Forming Fluoroprotein (FFFP), Fluoroprotein (FP), for both hydrocarbon &Polar Fuel Group.

IS: 4308- 2003

  1. Dry Chemical Powder
  2. Dry Chemical Powder for fighting B &C Class fires

IS: 14609; 1999

Dry chemical powder for fighting A, B &C Class fires.

ISO 7202: 2012

Dry Chemical Powders for Fire Extinguishing For Class BC & ABC fires

ICAO DOC 9137 – AN 1898 Airport Services Manual Part I Chapter – 8 including all the amendments

Foam Concentrate for producing mechanical foam for fire fighting viz., Protein Foam, AFFF, Fluoroprotein Foam (conventional) Film Forming Fluoroprotein Foam (FFFP) and Synthetic Foam

IS: 1206 Part-3

Film Forming Fluoroprotein (FFFP), Fluoroprotein (FP), for both hydrocarbon & Polar Fuel Group.

Under Mechanical Scope

IS 15683: 2006

Portable fire Extinguisher- Performance & Construction- Specification

ISO: 7165

Fire fighting portable fire extinguishers-Performance and construction.

IS: 16018; 2012

Wheeled fire Extinguishers.

EN 3-7:2004 (E) + A1

Portable fire extinguishers Part-7, Characteristics, Performance measurements & test methods

UL- 711; 2004

Rating and Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishers

DIN EN 1866-1: 2007(E)-10 With latest amendments

Mobile Fire Extinguishers as per DIN EN 1866-1:2007-10

BS EN 3-8: 2006

Part- 8: – Additional requirement to EN 3-7 for the construction, resistance to pressure and mechanical tests for extinguishers with a maximum allowable pressure equal to or lower than 30 bar.

BS EN 3-7: 2004+A1: 2007 with latest amendments

Fire Fighting Portable Fire Extinguishers as per BS EN 3-7:2004+A1: 2007 Part – 7 Characteristics, Performance requirements & test methods