Testing of portable Fire Extinguisher- Performance and Construction for Water type, Foam, DCP and CO2 type as per IS: 15683:2006 & other specific relevant IS Standards.


Testing of Fire Fighting Foam Concentrates—Physical, Chemical & Performance Test as per IS: 4989; 2006 and IS: 4989, Part-4, 1999.

Testing of Dry Chemical Powder both BC & ABC as per IS: 4308:2003 and IS: 14609; 1999.

We are a non profitable organization.

Above all Industry wide well accepted and recognized by Government of India pretigious organizations.

We have facility to perform tests for nearly 30 standards defined by BIS , EN and UL. We are mentored and guided by top industry leaders and accepted by top industry manufacturers.

Testing of Dry Chemical Powders for Fire Extinguishing for Class BC & ABC type as per ISO 7202: 2012.

Testing of Foam Concentrate for producing mechanical foam for fire fighting as per ICAO DOC 9137 – An 1898 Airport Services Manual Part I (Chapter – 8 including All the amendments).

 Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF), Protein (p), Film Forming Fluoro Protein (FFFP) Fluoro Protein (FP) for both hydrocarbon & Polar Fuel group as per UL-162: 1999 (UL-Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL)

Portable fire extinguishers Part-7, Characteristics, Performance measurements & test methods as per European Standard EN 3-7:2004 + A1: 2007(E)

Testing of Mobile Fire Extinguishers as per DIN EN 1866 – 1: 2007 (E) – 10

Testing of Portable Fire Extinguishers as per BS EN 3 – 8: 2006.

Wheeled fire extinguishers as per IS: 16018; 2012

Rating and Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishers as per UL-711; 2004

Fire fighting portable fire extinguishers-Performance and construction as per ISO: 7165

FTRL also undertakes sponsored research on Quality Improvement and development of testing protocols for equipment’s not covered by any specific standard.

FTRL is expanding its activities to cover – fire monitor, hose-reel.

FTRL is expanding its activities to cover – landing valve, building materials etc.

Why FTRL ?

What makes us different from others?


i. Our parent organisation Institution of Fire Engineers(India) is first organisation in the field of fire safety in the country.
ii. Our laboratory is located on a large plot.
iii. Strong ground floor structure.
iv. Numerous spacious rooms for storing samples safely.
v. All tests carried out within the compound wall.
vi. Sufficient Power Supply & adequate back-up.
vii. Qualified & experienced officials on our roll.
viii. Overall, we have an excellent set-up.
ix. Due to ample space, we can store the tested samples for longer duration in our premises to specific request of our customers.